StarGuard Lighting Certification Program Lighting Photo

Keystone’s StarGuard Lighting Certification Program is EPA-Recognized to qualify all ENERGY STAR® Program lighting product categories, including the Certified Subcomponent Database (CSD).

Keystone’s experienced staff can help you navigate the ever-evolving requirements to obtain and maintain ENERGY STAR® listings for:

  • Luminaires
  • Integral LED Lamps
  • Compact Florescent Lamps (CFLs)
  • Lighting Subcomponents

The optional CSD is designed to contain certified performance data for: lamps, ballasts, fluorescent lamp-ballast platforms, GU24 based self-ballasted compact fluorescent lamps and HID lamps, GU24 based LED lamps, and LED light engines to simplify the Luminaire qualification process.

To get started, download our Qualifying Products for ENERGY STAR® Checklist.

There are actually two US government programs that support the adoption of LED lamp & luminaire lighting products by consumers - the ENERGY STAR® Program for lighting products and the DOE’s LED Lighting Facts Program. Both may be “voluntary,” but are essential to LED Lighting manufacturers seeking a creditable method to demonstrate their product performance.

The good news for lighting OEM’s and private labelers is the five photometric requirements for Lighting Facts - Light Output, Efficacy, Measured Power, CCT& CRI, and the two new optional metrics - Lumen Maintenance and Warranty, are all a subset of the requirements to qualify the product for ENERGY STAR.

The Lighting Facts qualification can be completed relatively quickly, and can be considered a milestone in the ENERGY STAR qualification process, particularly for manufacturers awaiting completion of the ENERGY STAR Lumen Maintenance testing.

In addition, as of October 1st, 2012, the Lighting Facts Program will initiate annual listing fees that will be waived if the products are ENERGY STAR qualified.

There are not many opportunities to qualify products for two such valuable programs with a single test project. Keystone Certifications is pleased to offer LED lighting manufacturers the expert guidance to navigate ENERGY STAR and LED Lighting Facts Program qualifications as part of our EPA - recognized StarGuard™ Certification Program licensure.