Metal Roof Certification & Listing Program

ANSI Accredited

Keystone’s experienced engineers assess metal roof covering code compliance in accordance with this Program’s and code requirements. The metal roof product performance and compliance requirements are then certified and documented in Keystone Certification Reports.

Keystone Certification Reports provide building officials, architects and builders sufficient technical data to substantiate the use of the certified roof covering product as a component of the evaluated and specified roof system.

Innovating to simplify demonstrating code compliance, the program makes Certification Reports readily-accessible via QR code-link to certification labeling and easily linked to manufacturer marketing and other technical documents.

Metal Roof Certification & Listing Program licensure requires manufacturers demonstrate the consistent delivery of code-compliant roof coverings, verified during periodic in-plant inspections of conformance with stringent Program quality management requirements.

Keystone Certification Reports, strict manufacturer quality management requirements and periodic in-plant inspection combine to provide building officials, architects and builders with the most reliable means of verifying metal roof covering compliance with the International Building & Residential Codes (IBC and IRC), as well as the Florida Building Codes and Florida Product Approval.