Keystone Window and Door Certification

ANSI Accredited The Keystone Structural & Impact Certification Program is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and offers fenestration product manufacturers a third party verified, nationally-recognized method for demonstrating product design pressure and resistance to flying debris. The Keystone Structural & Impact Certification Program allows window, door, and skylight manufacturers to certify the structural performance of their products, rated as a result of testing to one or more referenced standards.

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To qualify for certification, the manufacturer must submit samples of the products as manufactured to one of several Keystone recognized laboratories for physical testing to the appropriate referenced standard.

A Getting Started Checklist is available for fenestration manufacturers looking for more guidance in certifying structural or impact performance. For more specific guidance, follow the contact us links at the bottom of this page.

The fenestration product performance ratings associated with this program are based on a standardized evaluation of the product conducted by an independent accredited laboratory in accordance with the specified referenced standard. Actual fenestration product performance may vary based on many factors including installation, condition of the wall/roof substrate and the age of the product & installation components.

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