Keystone NFRC IA Services

National Fenestration Rating Counsil Keystone is a National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) licensed Inspection Agency (IA). The NFRC IA Services Program offers fenestration (window and door) manufacturers a third party verified, nationally-recognized method for demonstrating product U Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) and other energy performance characteristics.

Fenestration product NFRC thermal performance ratings are specified by the International Code Council (ICC) building codes, including the "International Residential Code" (IRC), the "International Energy Conservation Code" (IECC), and the "International Building Code" (IBC). Code-required thermal performance varies depending on climate.

Product Photos NFRC ratings and certification are also used to demonstrate compliance with the US EPA's ENERGY STAR® Windows Program and other utility and government energy incentive program requirements.

A Getting Started Guide is available for fenestration manufacturers looking for more guidance in certifying thermal performance. For more specific guidance, submit the form on our contact form or call us.

The NFRC Certified Products Directory or CPD, found at lists all available NFRC certified products, options and associated ratings. Click here for a list of NFRC CPD Codes and an abbreviated IGDB containing emissivities for the most prevalent low e coatings in North America.