Keystone QR Coded Certification Labels

Fenestraion ImageDemonstrating conformance with the myriad of building codes, product approval and energy incentive programs just got simpler.

It has always been a challenge to fit enough information on a certification label to qualify the product for wherever it might be installed. Keystone Certifications now offers permanent certification labels that employ a QR Code, easily scanned with any smartphone, that can provide the building official, architect, installer or homeowner a treasure trove of technical and marketing information about the product and its manufacturer.Example QR Code

ENERGY STAR V6-required installation instructions, links to manufacturer website / sales information, easy to understand unit rating info with links to actual certification documents (including the NFRC CAR), Florida Product Approval & Texas Dept of Insurance numbers & links, insulating glass certification information and much more.

It all starts with a simple scan of the Keystone QR Label:

Triple Program Label

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