Keystone Certification Association QA Program

ANAB Accredited Major suppliers may have their finished product designs evaluated for Florida Product Approval program compliance and authorize their manufacturing-customers to employ the approvals. Keystone Certifications provides the requisite Quality Assurance (QA) inspections to ensure products are manufactured as approved, and maintains the website listing of authorized manufacturers and their approved products.

Association QA offers the following benefits to both supplier and manufacturer:

  • Legitimizes manufacturer use of supplier Florida Product Approvals (FPAs), and reduces the need for redundant individual manufacturer FPAs,
  • Reduces potential liability to the supplier arising from un-authorized use of FPAs,
  • Ensures the quality of installed products qualified by the supplier FPAs,
  • Optional Keystone verified use of supplier-specific components by authorized manufacturers,
  • Optional Keystone-installed “turnkey” simplified quality management system developed in collaboration with the supplier,
  • Offers a means to differentiate the supplier’s products & services from their competition.

The Keystone maintained listing of authorized manufacturers is made readily accessible via hyper-link or QR code for simple verification by building officials, architects or builders. Such links can also be inserted into manufacturer bills of lading, packaging, marketing and other technical documents.